Watch Miami Dolphins vs Oakland Raiders NFL Live Stream

Watch Miami Dolphins vs Oakland Raiders Live Streaming NFL Football Online

Watch 2014 NFL regular season via live streaming onlineThe Oakland Raiders will set out across the Atlantic ocean to play the Miami Dolphins in London on September 28 in a game that starts at 6 p.m. local time. That’s a 10 a.m. kick off on the west coast, which makes it like a travel to the eastern coast with a lot even more travel time for the Raiders.

The Miami Dolphins fell short of the playoffs in 2013, and if they want to return, they will certainly need to get rid of a tough early stretch to the season. The Dolphins kick off the season with 3 of their first five games coming against playoff groups.

Throughout the 2013 season the Miami Dolphins encountered a number of concerns, like the bullying detraction, where they lost two of their starting lineman. They also had a less than stellar run game and Ryan Tannehill and Mike Wallace might never ever click the deep sphere.

Despite all the troubles they encountered they were still on the verge of a playoff spot. All they had to do was succeed their week 17 versus the Jets but they lost horribly.

This offseason so far they are on the ideal track of taking care of all the fractures in their team and depending on exactly how their draft goes, they might definitely make a playoff spot.

Meanwhile, Things like travel, the bye week and even start times can have an effect on the outcome of ready the Oakland Raiders, so a timetable can still be extremely important. While some schedule effects will not become clear till even more time has passed, there is still plenty to accumulate from when the Raiders may play a particular challenger.

Oakland Raiders head train Dennis Allen might have belonged to the NFL casualty list last season. A 4-12 document with restricted superstars, numerous injuries and no team direction tends to break an instructors welcome.

However the Raiders, ever before the team of malpractice and disillusion, keepinged Allen and wished the cost-free agency duration and NFL Draft would certainly introduce treasures, beginners and depth to a team that had one of the worst rosters in football.

A new quarterback, new running back, depth at receiver and on both lines may aid, however there is still a long way to go for this franchise. And a routine that could just be speakinged about as severe.

The games in London are always a little bit sloppy, most likely considering that the trip. The Raiders have actually struggled for several years traveling eastern, so the trip isn’t something to disregard.

Watch Miami Dolphins vs Oakland Raiders Game Online via Live Streaming

In 2013, the Dolphins had similar manufacturing offensively as the Raiders, but a far better protection. The Raiders have actually boosted their protection significantly this offseason, so the two teams could be quite also in 2014 pending the outcome of the draft.

The Raiders needed to quit a residence game to play in London, however they also have a huge international fanbase. Do not be amazed if the followers are a bit additional discriminatory compared to they would generally be for a game in London.